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The Unsung Home Hero, The Attic

Living spaces get a lot of love from homeowners and renters. Updates like new paint, light fixtures, and family photos make the rooms feel like home. But there’s another part of your home that, while not the star of the show, is still very important to keeping your home comfortable and safe. That’s right, it’s the attic.

The Unsung Home Hero, The Attic

Insulation for Your Home

One of the biggest benefits of an attic space is the insulation that it provides. That means that air circulates throughout the space and your home. In the summer, hot air rises to the attic, allowing cooler air to remain in your home. In the winter, this added layer of insulation keeps hot air available for circulation.

Attics do not often have their own climate control but are a space where ductwork as well as heating and cooling systems can be located. Attic insulation helps them perform even better.


Storage Space

Some homeowners choose to finish their attics, adding bathrooms, bedrooms, and lounge areas. While you do need to pay attention to building code requirements, especially when it comes to the size of windows to include the attic in the finished square footage of your home, these rooms can also be great for storage.

If you don’t have climate control measures in your attic, you might want to get a portable dehumidifier or other plug-in appliances that can keep moisture from damaging things you have in the space. Furniture, seasonal décor, and keepsakes are all good things to have in an attic. Make sure that you label any boxes so that you don’t need to dig through years of treasures to find what you came up looking for. Unless you like the hunt and going down memory lane, of course!

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