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Why Your Garage Might Be the Best Part of Your Home

It can be easy for your garage to turn into an abyss of old junk, extra boxes destined for the already-full recycle bin, and off-season decorations. But here are a few great reasons to use this space efficiently and effectively.

7 Helpful Garage Tips:


  1. Keeping your car in the garage will help it last longer. Not only does it stay cleaner, you also reduce the risk of damage from debris during storms or break-ins at night.
  2. Protecting your car from the elements can allow you to go longer between washes. This can save water, time, and money.
  3. Consider installing some storage racks for boxes and bins. This will allow you to still use your garage for storage while keeping everything organized and accessible.
  4. Utilize overhead space with storage racks and hooks. Just make sure that you know the weight limits so that everything stays where it should.
  5. Wall hooks are a great way to store bikes, scooters, and other recreational equipment. This will free up floor space for your car as well as keep your bike from being damaged if it falls over or gets scratched.
  6. Some lawnmowers and other lawn equipment can fold up or be hung on wall hooks.
  7. Gyms make a great place for workout gear. Look for something that can be stored when not in use, like free weights or equipment that can fold up. For fitness enthusiasts, you may even want to invest in gym flooring to take your workout up another notch. This can also save you money on a gym membership and make working out even more convenient.


With a little bit of planning, you can turn your underutilized gym space into a haven for your vehicle, storage space that is organized and accessible, or a home gym that will help you stick to your new year fitness goals.

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